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25th Transportation Company (LMT)


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25th Transportation Company History

The 25th Transportation Company was constituted on 19 January 1945 of the Army of the United States as the 33 11th Quartermaster Passenger Vehicle Detachment.  The company was activated on 8 February 1945 in France.  On 21 April 1945, it was redesignated as the 33 11th Quartermaster Car Detachement.  The unit inactivated on 8 October 1945 at Camp Shanks, New York.

The unit was coverted and redesignated 1 August 1946 as the 33 11th Transportation Corps Car Detachment.  It was designated again on 3 February 1945 as the 25th Transportation Corps Car Company and concurrently activated at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  The unit was allotted to the regular Army on 22 August 1951.  It was further redesignated as the 25th Transportation Company (Car).  The 25th reactivated on 30 June 1970. 

The 25th reactivated on 16 October 1987 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii as the 25th Transportation Company (LMT).

History of Our Club

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Our Club Officers

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Marg Williams is our President.